Chemical Free Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

For the home gardener who’s concerned about pesticides, chemicals, traps, or other high-impact pest control solutions, there are plenty of eco-friendly, chemical-free options to protect your garden. From all natural sprays mixed with household spices toBird-X  garden netting andnatural enemy scarecrow owls, protecting your bumper crop without traps or pesticides is within your control!

solar powered owl decoy to deter garden pests

Some chemical-free ways to keep pests out of your garden can be very low-budget and easy to make at home like homemade spray made with safe, natural ingredients like cayenne pepper and garlic. Cayenne pepper spray is known to repel insects as well as marauding deer. Of course, cayenne pepper is a highly irritating powder, so it’s definitely worth reading up on the specific recipe you want to use, based on your circumstances. A good place to start isthis post

Other ways to keep pests away without using chemicals can be found online or in commonly found stores, like our Dalen ProductsPest Control offerings. We have a variety of products that are inspired by and modeled on natural processes and ecosystems. Without using chemicals, traps, or intrusive methods, you can find innovative commercial and homemade solutions that can help keep your garden safe. 

ripe tomatoes on the vine


  • Build your own scarecrow with 2 pieces of lumber, old clothes, and straw. For further instructions on making a scarecrow, check out our blog:How to Make a Scarecrow 
  • Use aluminum pie pans and string between garden posts. 
  • Use homemade concoctions and sprays, made with safe, natural ingredients like cayenne pepper and garlic. 

For a more comprehensive list of pest prevention options, check out our blog:15 Ways to Keep Pests Away.