Why Dalen Gardening Products?

At Dalen Products, we believe in supplying tools to nurture a garden while respecting the delicate balance of nature. Choose our natural gardening products to create a safe and sustainable environment, free from harmful pesticides and pesky varmints. Discover the joy of a thriving, pest-free yard and garden. Opt for natural garden pest control and create a safer environment for your garden while also contributing to the overall well-being of our collective, shared habitats. Choose Dalen Products and embark on a journey towards sustainable and regenerative gardening practices.

Scare Tape for Tree Fruit Protection

Scare Owls

Scare owls are highly effective in deterring critters from destroying gardens due to their lifelike appearance and predatory nature, triggering a fear response in pests. The presence of a scare owl creates the illusion of a natural predator, keeping critters at bay and protecting the garden from potential damage.

Scare Tape

We think it's a good idea to use a variety of scare devices to deter birds and other pests. Reflective scare tape is an innovative product that uses visual and auditory cues to create a sense of danger, keeping unwanted visitors at a distance. It's an easy and humane way to protect your garden. Sunlight shines on the holographic tape design to reflect full-spectrum and UV light as the ribbons flutter in the breeze. Simply tie the tape anywhere you want for a foolproof wind- and solar-powered deterrent.

Garden Barriers and Fencing

We recommend pairing our scarecrow devices with physical defenses like garden fencing for extra security. Our garden barriers and fencing options provide a sturdy and reliable shield against unwanted visitors, such as deer and other large animals. Our Deer-X netting is extra tall to prevent deer from jumping over the fence! Create a secure and protected gardening space for your plants to flourish.

Bird Netting and Pop-Nets

For those pesky birds that can wreak havoc on your crops, our bird nettings and pop-nets are the perfect solutions. Form an effective barrier that prevents birds from accessing your plants while allowing sunlight and airflow to reach them. Say goodbye to pecked fruits and vegetables and enjoy a bountiful harvest. Our pop net also protects against the tiniest insect pests with its small mesh size.

Pond/Pool Netting

Our pond net and pool netting provide an extra layer of protection for your garden’s water features. The netting prevents leaves, debris, and larger animals from entering your pond, ensuring its cleanliness and preserving the delicate balance of your aquatic ecosystem. Keep leaves from sinking to the bottom of your pool by draping a pond netting over the surface for easy cleanup! Add a floating alligator head to scare off birds and cats from eating your fish and feeding on your fishpond!

Harvest Guard

Our range of protective netting, including our popular Harvest Guard, insect guards, and pest screens, offers comprehensive coverage against insects and smaller pests. These garden nettings are designed to allow air and water to circulate while keeping unwanted invaders at bay. The white fabric is ideal for letting the sunlight through so plant growth is uninhibited. Say goodbye to pests damaging your crops and hello to healthier, thriving plants!

Natural Pest Control FAQs

Yes! There are many university tests proving that scarecrow owls will really scare birds and pests. But fake owls can become ineffective after a few days if they are not moved. Dalen’s Great Horned Owls have a biomimetic design, which is a fancy way to say that it works by copying nature. A motionless owl isn’t lifelike, and birds and pesty varmints can be smart. If you never move your owl, it will stop working! We recommend moving your scare owl every day and keeping it indoors when out of use.

While the Great Horned Owl has no natural predators, larger pests like deer don’t always get spooked by a bird of prey. We recommend pairing our fake owls with other garden pest control devices like our reflective scare tape ribbons and protective garden netting. We think it's best to tackle your pest problems from multiple angles, and our products will synergize with each other. Team up and control your yard and garden!

Yes, garden nettings can kill pests if they get stuck in them and aren’t rescued. It doesn’t happen frequently, but we urge our customers to regularly check on their garden barriers and inspect them for critters that may need help in case they were trying to get into your berry bushes or fruit trees.

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