Looking to create a beautiful and functional growing space?

Explore our collection of raised beds and planters that offer the perfect foundation for growing your favorite plants. We have a variety of designs and sizes to suit your needs, whether you prefer a traditional look or a modern aesthetic. With our raised beds, you can easily maintain and control soil conditions while shaping the visual appeal of your garden.

For those seeking to extend their growing season or protect delicate plants, we offer a range of mini greenhouses, plant protectors, and garden covers.

Shield your plants from unexpected temperature drops and various harsh weather conditions, ensuring optimal growth and a bountiful harvest. Our mini greenhouses provide a cozy, controlled environment for your plants to feel nurtured, while our plant protectors and garden covers offer a reliable defense against pests and harsh weather like hail, torrential downpours, and heavy winds.

If you're tight on space or simply want to add a vertical element to your garden, our vertical plant ties are a fantastic solution.

Grow your favorite herbs, flowers, or even small vegetables in a compact and space-saving manner. With our vertical planters, you can unleash your creativity and create a stunning display that will awe your neighbors and friends.

When it comes to practicality and convenience, we have an array of gardening accessories to make your gardening tasks a breeze.

From flex spouts to garden staples, our collection includes all the essentials for efficient and effective gardening. Use our landscaping pins and garden staples to secure ground covers, netting, or landscaping fabric, keeping everything in place. Our plant ties and Velcro plant ties provide gentle support for your plants, ensuring they grow strong and upright.

We haven't forgotten about the various challenges posed by critters and pests, either.

Our product range includes effective solutions such as deer netting, bird netting, Harvest-Guard, and pest screens to safeguard your precious plants from nibbling creatures. With our deer netting and plant protectors, you can create a protective barrier without compromising the aesthetics of your garden. Keep pesky pests at bay and enjoy the fruits of your labor without worry.

For those passionate about vertical gardening or creating a flourishing garden in limited spaces

Our trellis nettings can help you grow plants vertically while ensuring they remain safe from harm. Embrace upward growth and maximize your garden's potential with our thoughtfully designed solutions.

Why Dalen Spring and Summer Gardening Products?

We are here to help you with your seasonal gardening product needs! Our catalog offers an extensive range of top-quality garden supplies, gardening accessories, and everything else you may need to help make your spring and summer garden flourish.

Our spring and summer gardening supply catalog caters to both expert green thumbs and beginners who are learning to grow a garden for the first time. Whether you're a seasoned horticulturist or just starting out, we have a vast supply of gardening products designed to meet your dreams and aspirations.

Gardens have a magical quality thanks to the changing seasons.

As winter fades and summer arrives, gardeners face new challenges that differ from those of spring. Foliage thickens and requires pruning while emerging bugs and mosquitoes must be controlled. Summer pests and varmints bring unique gardening challenges, and droughts demand watering bags and drip devices to keep plants hydrated. A shading cloth can offer relief from the intense midday sun, and thinning out hedgerows can improve airflow.

As the seasons change, so do the tasks of the gardener. Although we can't control the weather or swarming locusts, we can certainly be prepared to respond to whatever Mother Nature throws our way. Unpredictability can test a garden and its gardener. We think it's a fun challenge, and it makes our job special.

Spring & Summer Product FAQs

Late frosts can last surprisingly late, even into summer, depending on where you live. Determine your USDA Hardiness Zone for more info on what relates to your specific region. A garden in Minnesota in Hardiness Zone 2 or Zone 3 naturally has much later frosts than a garden in Florida or Georgia in Hardiness Zone 9 or Zone 8. By understanding the Hardiness Zone your garden grows in, you can better determine late frosts and also discover which plants can thrive in your environment. Of course, checking your local news and weather channel will also help. 

Nonetheless, we think every garden should have Harvest Guard on hand because you’ll need it to protect against late frosts, and it also works to protect plants from bad summer weather like torrential rain and hailstorms!

Yes! While plants need sunlight to grow, it is possible for plants to get too much sun. It's important to know what species of plants are growing in your garden because every plant has different needs. 

Shade plants like Hostas and Ferns have limits on their sun exposure. There are full sun-loving plants out there, but even those varieties can get too much sun, especially during a hot, scorching summer! Be sure to use a shading cloth on your shade-loving plants or plant them in a place that naturally will get more shade. Even your tomatoes, which can do better in the sun, are important to shade and screen from the sunlight! And the good thing about our shading cloth is that it still lets thru some important light frequencies while keeping the excess heat and radiation away from harming your garden.

The plant types you’re growing influence what types of pests will visit your garden. As a rule of thumb, springtime is a time of vegetative growth, while active fruiting and flowering can come later in the season. In Tennessee Zone 7, we’ve noticed possums and raccoons going after some of the newly budding plants in spring. Deer like to eat flowers as soon as they begin to blossom. Birds seem to always be looking for a place to build a nest and hatch their chicks. There are usually no mosquitoes until summer, but it is good to take some precautionary measures, such as removing pooling water to prevent mosquito larvae from hatching!

Get Ready for Fall & Winter

When it comes to seasonal gardening, we believe in providing you with the best products to make your gardening experience enjoyable and fruitful. Explore our vast selection of garden supplies, gardening accessories, and seasonal essentials. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect products for your gardening needs. Let us help you cultivate your dream garden this spring and summer!

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