At Dalen Products, we take pride in being the leading provider of weed control solutions that prioritize the well-being of your garden and environment. Our commitment to sustainability and minimizing the use of harmful chemicals ensures a healthier ecosystem for all. Trust us to provide safer, more nutritive alternatives for controlling weeds in your gardens and landscapes.

choose the right weed fabric for the job
landscaping fabrics have different uses depending on the yard work

Landscaping Pins

Landscaping pins are needed during the installation of your weed mats! Dalen’s garden staples are made in the USA, come in various sizes, and work great with landscaping fabric. They can also be used to help install various other products.

Gard’n Paper

Spraying chemical weed control can result in these substances staying in the soil for years, and eventually making their way into the fruits and vegetables you consume. Fortunately, Dalen Products offers safer and healthier alternatives for killing weeds. 

Gard'n Paper is one such alternative that controls weeds without using toxic herbicides or noxious weed killers. By using this method, you can stop invasive plant growth before it even starts. It's especially important to minimize toxins and chemicals in your vegetable garden or anywhere you're growing herbs or food for your kitchen. Protect the food you eat and the soil in which it grows by avoiding chemical sprays that can negatively impact soil biology. Instead, opt for sustainable alternatives like sheet mulching paper to control invasive growth and maintain healthy topsoil.


In permanent landscaping beds, Weed-X is the best weed fabric on the market for stopping invasive plant growth. Weed-X weed mat is made in the USA with a special dual-layer design that is university-tested and proven better than all other fabrics at stopping weeds. The water-wicking layer helps move water and nutrients through, allowing your garden plants to continue to be nourished. The premium weed-block layer stops weeds in their tracks and keeps the area around your ornamental plants looking nice, clean, and weed-free. If you’re looking to permanently stop weeds in your landscaping designs, look no further than Weed-X!


Pro-Shield is our most substantial fabric designed for high-impact areas like pathways, hardscapes, patios, pavers, and rock gardening. If you plan to step and walk on the area you place your fabric, it's best to use Pro-Shield. Pro-Shield’s premium design is robust and extra thick to help strengthen your erosion control in places that deal with turbulent washouts.


Weed-Shield is an entry-level general fabric that is good for any job while not excelling in any particular area. You can’t go wrong with Weed-Shield, but you can do better if you understand your landscape gardening needs. It won’t hurt to have Weed-Shield on hand for stopping weeds when you might need it, but we think it's prudent to take some time to plan out your garden and understand what it will take to do it right the first time.

Why Dalen Garden Weed Control Products?

Our range of garden weed control products is easy to use and minimizes the need for toxic herbicides. From sheet mulching paper that stops weeds in their tracks to durable weed barrier fabrics that prevent weed growth while allowing water and nutrients to reach your plants, Dalen Products ensures your garden stays weed-free without compromising the health of your soil or the safety of your plants.

By choosing Dalen Products for weed control, you can have peace of mind knowing you're making a responsible and eco-friendly choice. Our solutions not only help you maintain a beautiful and weed-free garden but also contribute to the long-term health and sustainability of your outdoor space. Trust Dalen Products to provide effective and environmentally conscious solutions for weed control in your garden.

Garden Weed Control FAQs

It's important first to figure out what job you need to be done. Do you need weed control in an organic vegetable garden? Gard’n Paper is the best sheet mulching weed mat for any food gardening, whether herbs, fruits, or veggies. 

If you are looking for the best weed mat for suppressing weed growth, Weed-X is the number-one landscaping fabric for stopping weeds. Weed-X uses a unique dual-layer fabric that lets water through but stops weeds before they even have a chance to start and works well in permanent landscape beds that don't get much foot traffic. 

If you need help controlling erosion in your garden, Pro-Shield is a heavy-duty fabric designed for erosion control. Pro-Shield’s premium strength is excellent for rock gardens, pavers, pathways, and high-impact areas needing premium durability and strength. 

Weed-Shield is the all-around fabric for a simple and general landscaping fabric that is good enough for any job.

No; additional layers of landscaping fabrics layered on top of one another make the product less effective at controlling weeds! Less is more, especially when using landscaping mats to stop weeds from starting in your garden. Use the fabrics as they are designed to be used for the best results.

We recommend thoroughly covering your fabrics with mulch or pine straw so the fabric is completely covered and out of direct sunlight. Too much mulch, and you risk plants taking root above the fabric — but our Weed-X stops weeds from above or below. Still, only a few inches is enough to do the job. Check up on it occasionally as the seasons pass.

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