At Dalen, we understand the trials and tribulations that gardeners face when dealing with unpredictable climates and harsh weather conditions. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, Dalen Products supplies you with the necessary tools to protect and nurture your plants through the ups and downs of the changing seasons.

Frost Blankets

Designed to shield your delicate plants from unexpected late frosts, our garden frost protection blankets provide an insulating barrier that preserves warmth and prevents frost damage. Don't let winter storms bury your plants. Garden fleeces provide a reliable protective layer, insulating your garden beds and minimizing the impact of freezing temperatures.

Shade Nets

When the summer sun becomes too intense, our shade nets provide essential shade and protection, shielding your plants from scorching temperatures and preventing wilting and sunburn.

Rain and Wind Covers

Durable rain covers keep your garden beds dry during heavy downpours, protecting your plants from excess moisture and potential waterlogging. Doubling as a sturdy windbreaker, you can create a sheltered environment for your plants, shielding them from strong winds that can cause breakage and uprooting.

Debris Nets

Falling leaves, branches, and debris can create a mess in your garden. Our debris nets act as a protective shield, preventing unwanted elements from accumulating and damaging your plants. Protect your garden pool from leaves and dirty debris from sinking past the surface. Our pond netting accessory keeps your pond clean and preserves its natural beauty, allowing your aquatic plants and wildlife to thrive.

Mini Greenhouses

Extend your growing season and create a controlled environment with our mini greenhouses. These compact structures offer a haven for outdoor seedlings and saplings, providing garden frost protection from unpredictable weather and enabling you to start your garden earlier. The fillable chambers form an insulating wall of water that freezes when temperatures drop to protect the plants inside from life-threatening late frosts.

Flex A Spout

Take control of rainwater management with our Flex A Spout system. This flexible downspout extension directs water away from your garden beds, preventing waterlogging and channeling pooling water away from your house.

Vertical Gardening & Plant Ties

Maximize your gardening space with our vertical gardening solutions. From wall-mounted planters to trellises and hanging baskets, these options let you create lush greenery even in limited areas. Elevating your plants can reduce root rot and fungal diseases while promoting fresh air flow circulation amongst the foliage of the plant.

Secure your plants with our versatile plant ties. Whether you prefer soft plant ties or Velcro plant ties, these adjustable solutions ensure proper support and prevent damage caused by wind or heavy rains.

Why Dalen Gardening Products?

Winter snowstorms, late frosts, scorching heat waves, heavy rainstorms, gusty winds, droughts, and falling debris are just a few of the challenges that can wreak havoc on your beloved garden. Our curated collection of reliable and effective solutions to safeguard your plants and help them thrive, no matter what nature throws at them, at any time of year. See our collection of garden weather protection products below or contact us today.

Garden Weather Protection FAQs

Yes, Harvest Guard is a product designed for use year-round, although its function can change from season to season. In winter, Harvest Guard is best used as a garden fleece to protect against frosts, but for particularly frigid weather, we recommend using our heavier-duty Harvest Guard SUB ZERO. 

In summer months, Harvest Guard can be used to drape over plants to protect pests and insects from getting to your precious fruit and vegetables. However, it's important to remove from your plants on scorchingly hot days because the Harvest Guard can act like a greenhouse if it smothers your plants in summer.

Our Season Starters consist of multiple chambers that are not connected. This means that if you accidentally puncture one chamber, only that specific chamber will leak while the others remain intact. While it's ideal for all chambers to hold water, a few chambers that don't hold water won't greatly affect the product's effectiveness in insulating your garden during cold weather. If you need to repair any holes, it's a relatively simple process.

Swarming insects like locusts and cicadas are influenced by certain weather conditions, usually requiring moisture and crops to feed on. In many places, locusts emerge between spring and autumn during the summer. In the USA, locust swarms are not always a problem, but plagues break out from time to time, and we think it's best to be prepared for the worst. Pop-Net and Harvest Guard can be great insect barriers to protect your lawn and garden from swarming locusts and other invasive insects that eat up a garden.

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