Gardening between two extremes: Hot Summer & Cold Winter zone maps

How can a gardener find balance between hot summers and cold winters?

A tale of two zoning maps: reference tools every American gardener should use when planning their garden. 

How does a gardener use the USDA Hardiness Zone map?

The USDA Hardiness Zone maps average coldest temperatures. ❄

A plant's hardiness is its ability to withstand cold weather. 

Hardiness Zones map average minimum temperatures in the USA. Understanding which hardiness zone your garden is in will help you determine which plants can make it thru frigid temperatures in your location.

But the hardiness zone is only one piece of the puzzle. Refer to both maps to help find plants that thrive between the two extremes in your location.

How does a gardener use the USDA Heat Zone Map?

The USDA Heat Zone maps average hottest temperatures. 🔥

Not all plants can withstand extreme heat, and its important to determine how hot summers can get. 

The Heat Zone maps the other side of the spectrum, setting expectations on how hot your summer temperatures might get. Not all plants live thru extreme heat.
 Understanding where your garden exists within the context of the changing seasons is extremely important when deciding what to plant if you want a successful garden that can survive both cold winters and hot summers!