Gardening is a rewarding and fulfilling activity, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. That's why Dalen Products has partnered with Hestra JOB, a renowned name in the industry, to bring you a range of premium gardening gloves. Our garden gloves are expertly designed and crafted to provide unmatched comfort, protection, and durability, ensuring that your hands remain safe and comfortable while you indulge in your gardening passion.

Leather & Suede Gardener’s Gloves

When it comes to heavy-duty garden tasks and handling rough surfaces, Dalen's leather & suede gloves are the perfect companion for any gardener. These gloves are crafted with high-quality materials to provide exceptional protection and durability.

The combination of genuine suede and leather garden gloves offers a sturdy and reliable barrier against thorns, prickly plants, and other potential hazards in the garden. These gloves are designed to withstand the toughest gardening activities, ensuring that your hands remain safe and comfortable throughout the process.

Floral & Colorful Garden Gloves

Floral and colorful garden gloves in various materials like bamboo for sensitive skin allergies. All colorful designs are also available in Latex Dips.

Heavy-Duty Gloves

We also have heavy-duty job gloves for yard work made ready for you to take on your next yard project and get the job done while protecting your hands!

Nylon & Latex Dip Gardener’s Gloves

For tasks that require flexibility, dexterity, and added grip, Dalen's nylon & latex dip gloves are the ideal choice. These are designed to provide a comfortable fit and excellent tactile sensitivity for delicate gardening tasks. 

They also allow for precise movement and delicate handling of plants, flowers, and small objects, and the latex coating on the palms and fingers of these gloves provides a reliable grip, even when handling wet or slippery objects. You can confidently hold tools, pots, and other materials without the fear of them slipping from your grasp. Whether you're planting, pruning, weeding, or transplanting, these gloves offer the right balance of protection and dexterity.

Why Dalen Gardening Gloves?

Experience unmatched comfort and protection with Hestra Job Garden Gloves, specially designed to meet the needs of gardeners and gardening enthusiasts. Dalen x Hestra high-quality gloves are expertly crafted to ensure a seamless gardening experience, allowing you to indulge in your passion while keeping your hands safe and comfortable. Contact our team to learn more today.

Hestra JOB x Dalen Gardening Gloves FAQs

Our leather and bamboo gloves are made from natural materials, but not all of our them are made from renewable resources. Nevertheless, all of the Hestra Job Garden Gloves are carefully constructed using durable materials, especially our premium leather and bamboo. 

All of our work gloves provide excellent durability and protection against rough surfaces, thorns, and prickly plants, but some are heavy duty, and others are lighter for more supple and delicate gardening work. Engineered with the utmost attention to detail, our gloves offer the perfect balance between flexibility and resilience, enabling you to perform yardwork with precision while shielding your hands from potential hazards.

Whether you're pruning, planting, weeding, pulling poison ivy, or engaging in various yard work activities like chopping wood or building a raised bed, the Hestra Job Garden Gloves are your ultimate companion for all kinds of prickly work that would hurt your green thumb if you left it uncovered. All our gloves for garden feature a specialized design that ensures optimal grip, allowing you to handle tools, plants, and equipment with ease, enhancing your productivity and efficiency in the garden.

Designed for all-day comfort and repeated use, these planting gloves are equipped with breathable materials that prevent your hands from overheating, even during extended gardening sessions. Our gloves should last you many years and seasons, depending on how hard you work. The ergonomic design ensures a snug fit, offering excellent dexterity and freedom of movement, so you can handle intricate tasks without any hindrance.

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