Our Brands

For more than 40 years, Dalen Products, Inc. has provided gardeners with innovative solutions to better enjoy their yard and garden experience. And we’re pleased to offer a number of items under different brands to meet the specific needs of today’s gardener.

Our various stand alone brands, as well as our Dalen® line, are distributed nationally and offer the ultimate in value in landscape fabric and accessories, while our Gardeneer by Dalen® product line affords a wide range of specialized products from the most novice to the most sophisticated of gardeners.

No matter the brand, Dalen is proud to support each of our products with uncompromised standards of quality and performance — and backs our full line with a range of satisfaction guarantees. See individual items for detail.

Bird-X® helps protect fruit and berries from thieving birds and other garden pests. We created Bird-X® to Protect fruit trees, berry bushes and vegetables from thieving birds, squirrels, rabbits and other garden pests. This tough, durable polypropylene bird netting mesh is considered the "ultimate protection" by gardening authorities. 3/4" mesh provides maximum protection without harming birds and small animals.

Deer-X® helps protects shrubs, trees, and vegetable gardens from destructive deer. The netting is a strong and durable 3/4" polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors for longer product life. This netting provides an easy and affordable alternative to metal fencing.

Gardeneer by Dalen®

See our online Products catalog for more detailed information regarding our specialized line of products manufactured under the Gardeneer by Dalen® brand.

Ideal for increasing seed germination on slopes and difficult areas. This is better than using straw. Protective seedling cover traps heat and moisture to speed and increase seed germination.

This floating row cover traps heat and moisture to produce bigger and earlier crop yields. It protects against frost, insects, and birds. This cover is easy to use – “floats” over crops without support and is reusable. It can also can be used as a seed germination blanket (previously called Grass-Fast). Up to 100% improved seed germination (versus straw). Protective seedling cover traps heat and moisture to speed and increase seed germination. Ideal for slopes and difficult areas. Easier to use and more effective than straw.

Natural Enemy scarecrow®
The Great Horned Owl is one of Dalen's all-time best sellers. Our Natural Enemy Scarecrow helps repel birds and pests while adding charm to any garden. The patented ear design brings a life-like appearance which startles pests and keeps them from coming where they are not wanted. Each owl is hand-painted making this an attractive addition to any landscape or dock. They're also hand-painted in the USA.

We wanted to bring you a safer, simpler, and easier way to fight the growing mosquito population which is why we designed this outdoor mosquito repellent to help you prevent their growth without using any harsh chemicals.

Simply fill the mosquito repellent with water and grass and place it on the furthest part of your lawn/yard. The water will stagnate and attract mosquitoes to lay eggs. Once hatched the newborn mosquitoes will be trapped inside to help gradually decrease mosquitoes for good.

Weed-X®and ProWeed-X®
Our most premium brands of landscape fabric provide your landscape applications with the ultimate in weed control — prohibiting top-down weed root penetration and bottom up growth prevention. And, because we’re so confident in their performance, each is backed with a weed-free money-back performance guarantee (20 and 30 year, respectively).

Our products are also available at most independently-owned garden centers nationwide.