Happy hens lay the tastiest eggs, and that is enough of a reason to grow your own chickens in your backyard homestead! But chickens can also play an important key role in regenerating topsoil health in a garden. Get a chicken coop house with a run extension and begin producing delicious chicken eggs while fertilizing your garden.

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Why Chicken Coops by Dalen?

Introducing the exclusive collaboration between Dalen and Nestera, bringing you the finest selection of premium quality chicken coop houses to the American market. We understand that no backyard homestead is truly complete without a flock of feathered friends that have enough space to roam with an extended chicken coop run and door opener. Our curated range of exceptional chicken cages is designed to provide comfort, safety, and convenience for both you and your chickens. 

Discover the perfect chicken pen complete with a coop run, coop door opener, and a droppings tray for easy maintenance. Dalen is your trusted destination for top-notch backyard chicken coops. Enhance your garden homestead with our premium chicken coops and experience the taste of raising chickens at home. Shop with us today or contact us for more information and make your chicken-keeping dreams come true!

Chicken Coop FAQs

While Nestera coop houses are designed to be nice and spacious for the hens they house, they aren’t quite large enough for people to move around inside of them. Even the 78 cm height clearance of the large coop makes it unlikely that the average person could walk inside comfortably or have sufficient headroom without slouching or crouching uncomfortably. Unlike a walk-in chicken coop, the Dalen Nestera coop is built primarily for 6-8 hens rather than for human access.

Compared to traditional wooden coops, which are heavy and cumbersome to move, the 100% recycled plastic composition of the Nestera chicken coop indicates that the coop is relatively lightweight and easier to move. In fact, the pens weigh between 66 lbs for the small ground pen to 129 for the large raised pen. You may want to consider the moving assistance you have available to you if you’re considering getting a chicken coop!

Yes, Nestera hen houses feature removable droppings trays. Their designs allow easy cleaning and maintenance by providing access to the interior for removing and emptying the chicken droppings tray. This feature ensures convenient hygiene management and facilitates regular cleaning to promote the health and well-being of the chickens, helping you prevent red mites. This nighttime parasite feeds on the blood of chickens, causing them to lay fewer eggs, lose weight, and even die.

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