Frost Protection

When it comes to seasonal gardening, garden frost protection is a top priority. Our high-quality garden covers and plant protectors provide an effective shield against freezing temperatures, safeguarding your delicate plants and extending their lifespan. With durable materials and easy installation, these protective solutions ensure your garden thrives even in the most icy conditions.

Bird, Deer, and Pond Netting

To keep pesky birds and critters at bay, our bird netting, deer netting, and pond netting offer a reliable defense. These sturdy and fine-meshed nets prevent unwanted visitors from feasting on your harvest and protect your fish ponds from leaves and falling debris. With their durable construction and UV resistance, they provide long-lasting protection throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Trellis Netting and Vertical Gardening Products

If you're looking to maximize your garden's potential, our trellis netting and vertical gardening products are ideal. Create stunning vertical displays, allowing your climbing plants to flourish and save valuable ground space. Our trellis netting ensures optimal support for your vines and vegetables, enabling efficient growth and easier harvesting.

Harvest Guard SUBZERO

For added insulation and warmth, our garden fleece blankets are a must-have. These lightweight yet insulating covers provide an extra layer of protection during colder nights, reducing the risk of frost damage and promoting healthy plant growth. Say goodbye to wilted leaves and hello to thriving plants with our reliable garden fleece.

Pond/Pool Netting

Don't forget about water features and pools during the fall and winter. Our pool netting ensures debris-free water, preventing leaves and other unwanted elements from accumulating and clogging your pool filters. Easy to install and maintain, it keeps your pool clean and inviting throughout the seasons.

Season Starters

When it's time to start anew, our plant starts offer a convenient solution. These young and healthy plants are ready to be transplanted into your garden, giving you a head start on your spring gardening endeavors. With a variety of options available, you can select the perfect plant starts to suit your preferences and garden design.

Changing seasons contribute to the magic of a garden, but as time passes and the seasons unfold, gardens naturally develop new seasonal challenges. We want to help you prepare for whatever mother nature sends your way. We cannot control the weather, we can help you respond prudently as a gardener. 

At Dalen, we understand the importance of seasonal gardening and the need for reliable supplies. Our comprehensive range of protective netting, garden covers, trellis netting, and other gardening accessories ensures that your plants stay safe, healthy, and vibrant throughout the fall and winter. Explore our collection today and elevate your seasonal gardening experience to new heights.

Why Dalen Gardening Products?

As plants begin to wind down after late summer into fall, the garden can be a mess with lots of sticks and debris. Our collection of seasonal gardening products is curated specifically for fall and winter seasonal weather. For both beginner gardeners and expert green thumb enthusiasts, our cold-weather gardening supplies and accessories are designed to meet your needs during the dark, frigid months. 

Autumn is often the best time to do new planting, especially for new trees and certain bulbs like tulips. Of course, the colder months are a suitable growing season for winter crops such as carrots, kale, onions, garlic, and cabbage. From protecting your precious plants from frost and wildlife to optimizing your garden space for vertical growth, we have you covered with a wide range of essential items.

Fall & Winter Product FAQs

During the fall and winter, many plants are preparing for the colder months ahead. Although they may not be actively growing, there is still plenty to do in the garden. Some vegetables thrive during the winter season, making it an ideal time to plant new trees and bushes. Additionally, this is the perfect opportunity to tidy up and prepare for spring when most plants will start to blossom. You can also take advantage of the cooler weather to take on new landscaping and hardscaping projects, such as building new paths, patios, or rock gardens.

Some of the best fall and winter crops include carrots, onion, garlic, cabbage, kale, spinach, and arugula. Its best to check your local USDA hardiness zone to see what will thrive in your area at any time of year. Gardens in Florida can support crops that are extremely different than what can grow in Idaho during fall and winter.

Starting your seeds in winter can give you a headstart on spring. Many gardeners prefer to begin indoors and then move their plants outside once the weather warms up. However, our product catalog offers a Season Starter Mini Greenhouse, which is a Wall of Water that freezes to keep your plants insulated. This is a great option for gardening in late winter and protecting your seedlings from freezing temperatures. We also suggest that gardeners explore winter sowing, a method of starting seeds outdoors in the winter months. This allows seedlings to adapt naturally to the longer days and sprout at the ideal time, just as nature intended.

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