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Not all forms of garden protection and pest control are good for you or your garden. You’re connected to your lawn and garden if you spend any time in it. We’re here to help you choose less toxic methods to protect and enclose your space. 

Although pests can certainly be troublesome, it's worth remembering that thieving animals are actually a healthy sign that your garden is part of a larger ecosystem. We generally prefer to think of pests as visitors, but it can be annoying for guests to show up to dinner uninvited. Rather than killing the animals, we think it's safer to simply scare them away with fake owls and bird scare tape. 

Our healthier alternative pest control solutions frighten away critters by tapping into their sympathetic nervous system. When a pest is confronted with a fight-or-flight response, they’ll usually decide they don’t want to fight an apex predator like the Great Horned Owl. We also offer screening devices and barriers of all sizes, like deer netting, bird netting, and bug netting. 

You might also want to consider leaving some of your fruit trees and berry bushes uncovered. We hope your garden can stay connected to the surrounding wildlife. While we naturally want to protect your garden, having some furry visitors can be a good thing. Pesty varmints are just trying to live another day, and while we understand the nuisance they bring to your yard, we encourage gardeners to cultivate a connection with the ecosystem.

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A gardener faces weather challenges all year round, season after season. But we think it's a marvelous fight and worth the effort. Life is motion, seasons change, and a garden will continue to grow.

Seasonal change can be an unpredictable whirlwind to navigate as a gardener:

  • When is the right time to plant my garden? 
  • How long do frosts last? 
  • Will summer heat waves burn my garden? 
  • Is it possible for a plant to get too much sunlight? 
  • Will my plants drown when it rains like a monsoon? 
  • Do gusty winds damage a garden and hurt plants? 
  • Will I need a garden fleece to prevent winter blizzards and snow storms from burying my plants under blankets of snow? 

Dalen is here to help make it easier for gardens and gardeners to manage their gardens amidst heavy weather and climate change — and we think it's fun! Life can be hard, but we should try to bring playfulness and pleasure into some of the thorns nature can throw at us.

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Controlling weeds is a timeless woe afflicting any and every garden. It’s tempting to take shortcuts and spray toxic herbicidal chemicals, but we think you should think twice before choosing noxious weed killers. While spraying might make your life easier for a quick moment, some herbicides stay in the soil for many years!

Dalen is here to help you choose safer and healthier alternatives for killing weeds. Stop invasive plant growth and deal with unwanted weeds before they have a chance to take root. We highly recommend that you minimize toxins and noxious chemicals, especially in a vegetable garden or anywhere you might be growing herbs or food for your kitchen. 

While wasted soil may not be as big of a deal for landscape designs, if you’re planning on reaping a harvest from your garden, it's important to protect the fruits, veggies, herbs, and food that you eat! Adding unnecessary toxins into the ecosystem isn’t a future that we want to cultivate. We think healthy topsoil is of the utmost importance, and soil biology can be negatively affected by chemical sprays. Don’t overlook the benefits of sustainable garden soil. There are better alternatives for controlling invasive growth, like sheet mulching paper for stopping weeds!

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Alongside your plant protectors, deer netting, and pest screens, your garden protection toolkit isn’t complete without a sturdy pair of garden gloves for taking care of your hands to keep them well-protected during gardening activities. At Dalen, we understand the importance of comfortable and reliable garden gloves that offer both dexterity and durability.

Gardening involves various tasks that can be tough on your hands, from digging and planting to pruning and handling thorny plants. That's why we offer a range of high-quality garden gloves designed to provide the necessary protection and functionality.

Our garden gloves are made from premium materials that offer excellent grip and flexibility while keeping your hands safe from dirt, thorns, and other potential hazards. Whether you're an avid gardener or just starting out, having the right pair of gloves can make a significant difference in your gardening experience. Explore our range of garden gloves and find the perfect pair that suits your needs.

Garden Protection FAQs

No, using a fake owl will not necessarily solve all your problems, especially if you never move it! Our bird deterrents are just a tool in your toolbox, and a hammer can’t do every job. But we are confident that a scarecrow owl can help you control pests, especially if you move it around. We recommend using our owl in conjunction with our other pest control products. 

Our garden defense nettings like Bird-X and Deer-X work to physically prevent pests from getting into your garden. Pond nets and pool netting protect your fish and also work to keep debris from falling into your water. Bug nets and insect screens like our Pop Net stop the smallest critters from getting in and also work to prevent larger animals from trespassing. By tackling your pest problem from multiple angles, you can be sure to protect and secure your garden!

Our Harvest-Guard Protective Garden Cover is great year-round, season-to-season, as time passes! But it's up to you to use plant protectors properly! A garden cover can keep plants warm in winter but its function changes in summer. Don’t let a plant blanket suffocate your garden in summer by leaving it on too long! Find the product that fits your particular weather or seasonal challenge, and be sure you are utilizing it properly for the specific task.

Gard’n Paper is the best sheet mulching weed mat for any type of food gardening, whether herbs, fruits, or veggies. If you are looking for the best weed mat on the market for suppressing weed growth, Weed-X is the number one landscaping fabric for stopping weeds. Weed-X uses a special dual-layer fabric that lets water through but stops weeds before they even have a chance to start! 

If you need help controlling erosion in your garden, Pro-Shield is a heavy-duty fabric designed for erosion control. Pro-Shield’s premium strength is great for rock gardens, pavers, and pathways. If you want a simple and general landscaping fabric, Weed-Shield is a great general fabric that is good enough for any job.

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