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Tomato Growing is Simple!

Tomatoes can grow from seeds sown indoors in warm conditions. If you will be placing your tomatoes in mini-greenhouses, the best time to plant is from February to mid-March. Make sure they have the right growing temperature, around 64˚ Fahrenheit. 

There are many varieties of tomatoes with different characteristics, such as structure, size, and flavor. The gardening supplies you’ll need will depend on the type you choose. There are bush-type tomatoes that are ideal for hanging baskets and troughs. There are also cordon-type tomatoes that grow as a single-stemmed vine, which need support such as a trellis.

Whatever type of tomato you choose, we have the gardening supplies you’ll need to make your tomato growing easy and enjoyable.

We Have What You Need!

From garden covers to velcro plant ties, we have a wide selection of tomato-growing products that fit your needs.

Tomato Growing FAQs

Tomatoes prefer warmer temperatures in order to grow properly. Depending on your location, the best time to plant tomatoes would be late spring or early summer after the soil has warmed up.

Tomatoes need a minimum of six hours of sunlight to produce fruit. For best results, you will want to place your tomatoes where they will get eight or more hours of sun.

Water your tomatoes regularly. Keep the soil moist, avoid waterlogging, and keep the leaves dry to prevent diseases.

Tomatoes tend to grow tall and need to be supported to keep them from falling over. You can use trellis netting and soft plant ties or velcro plant ties to support your tomatoes as they grow.

A fully ripe tomato is ready for harvest. Check their firmness; they should be firm but not hard. A tomato ready for harvest should give in with a gentle squeeze. Color is also a good indication that your tomatoes are ready for harvest. Once they have reached their mature color, they are ready for you to enjoy. Check our Tomato Booster, which helps increase yield and ripening.

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