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Give your garden the edge it deserves.

Can you use a regular hammer to pound in HammerEdge?

A rubber, rather than metal, head will show less wear and tear on the edging. However, if a metal hammer is all that’s available, it can be used if you do so gently. Try wrapping a cloth around the metal head of the hammer, or use a block of wood between the hammer and the edging to cushion the blows.

My ground is so hard that it is a major job to hammer these pieces in. Isn't there an easier way?

Especially in hard clay soils, but sometimes even in softer soils, you may find it easier to use a straight shovel to slit the ground before you pound the edging in. This sometimes makes the job much easier.

What are the benefits of using StoneWall Border?

StoneWall Border is lightweight and easy to install, and it has the appearance of natural stone.

What is the StoneWall Border made of?

The StoneWall Border is made of plastic resin. It is not made of rock -- please don't use it for a firepit!

How is the StoneWall Border different from other plastic stone borders?

The StoneWall Border has the depth of natural rock, and the top stone pieces are finished on all sides. You don't have to fill the bed all the way to the top of the border to hide a false back!