DIY Ways to Protect Your Garden

Protecting your garden doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated process. In fact, there are many DIY garden protection solutions you can try with simple supplies and a little creativity. You can build your own scarecrow, mix your own insect protection spray, and hang your own eye-catching bird deterrents—all with items you likely have on hand.

Build Your Own Scarecrow

With just a couple pieces of lumber, a stack of old clothes and some straw, you can create a classic scarecrow for your garden. An old-fashioned scarecrow will present garden pests, especially birds, with a “natural enemy” in the garden and they will stay away. However, birds can get used to unmoving objects in a garden, so frequently changing the location of the scarecrow is a good idea. Include natural movement in your scarecrow design with a pinwheel or flag if moving your scarecrow often isn’t an option. For more details, check out ourHow to Make a Scarecrow blog.

 homemade scarecrow wearing a red shirt and denim pants in a large garden

DIY Insect Spray to Remove Aphids From Your Garden

There are many natural DIY sprays that you can mix for use in your garden. In the event of an aphid infestation, a simple mixture of diluted fragrance-free dish soap in a spray bottle is an easy way to remove aphids that are attacking your plants. Neem oil, also diluted in a spray bottle, is also a trusty, all-natural insect repellent. Cayenne pepper and garlic are also natural ingredients that are frequently found in DIY garden insect spray recipes. 

 blue bird sits on wire, viewed from behind

Keep Birds at Bay with Eye-Catching Bird Deterrents 

What garden isn’t pestered by hungry birds? It’s a common dilemma. Fortunately, with a few aluminum pie pans, you can create your own bird deterring garden decor! Simply hang pie pans with fishing line or string in a sunny area. When the sun’s rays hit the pie pans, the holographic effect will catch the eye of any bird nearby. To use CDs for the same purpose, break them in half and hang them in your garden to sway in the breeze. The movement and the reflective light will keep the birds on guard and less likely to nibble on the fruits of your garden labor. 


Save money and protect your garden with these simple DIY garden solutions. Keep the pests away from your harvest without relying on unnecessary chemicals or costly interventions. With just a few quick DIY projects, you can level up your garden protection.