15 Ways to Keep Pests Away

Keeping pesky and destructive pests out of the garden is an on-going, multi-faceted task. From bugs to birds to bigger animals like deer, creating a pest-resistant garden certainly takes a little ingenuity, but it’s a worthy investment. From physical barriers like netting to timeless solutions like scarecrows to easy DIY solutions, we’ve gathered 15 ways to keep pests away from your garden. 


Garden Pest Prevention Physical Barriers

A practical first step in protecting your garden from both small and large pests is physical barriers. Here at Dalen Products, we have affordable physical barriers for a variety of garden needs. From birds who want to feast on your berries the moment they ripen to deer who are ready to graze your greens to the ground, there’s a netting for each occasion. We even have netting to protect your koi pond!


1) Bird-X Netting

This fine and light bird netting,Bird-X Protective Netting can be draped over fruit trees and nearly ripe berry bushes, as well as garden rows of juicy tomatoes to prevent birds from finding their dinner in your garden! 


2) Deer-X Netting/Fencing

DrapeDeer-X Protective Nettings over valuable plants to prevent deer from finding their next meal in your garden.Deer-X Premium can be mounted to stakes or posts along the edge of your garden or property, serving as a strong but unobtrusive barrier that will prevent deer from getting to your garden while not being an eyesore. 

Use Deer-X to protect your garden from deer.

3) Harvest Guard

Protect your plants from everything from snow to insects withHarvest Guard. A breathable gardening fabric, Harvest Guard will quickly become your go-to garden protection choice.


4) Pop-Net Protective Pest Screen

Stop swarming locusts and cicada broods in their tracks with the right insect prevention tools. For a move-able, fast and easy pest protection screen, try thePop-Net Protective Pest Screen


5) Pool and Water Netting

Whether you have koi to protect from predators or a swimming pool you’d like to keep clear of fallen leaves, ourPond and Pool Netting is a reliable option. The fine, dark mesh netting blends into the environment while preventing snakes, cats or water fowl from reaching your fish. It catches fallen leaves, too, and even stops cicadas and locusts!  


Display Traditional or Innovative Scarecrows

We’ve all seen a tattered scarecrow in a neglected garden, but don’t underestimate how well a scarecrow can work! These days, scarecrows can be anything from an inflatable snake laid among your salad greens to a Natural Enemy Statuette. They’re both so real looking that your garden pests are convinced to stay away!


6) Inflatable Snake Scarecrow

If you’re not careful, you may find that this innovative,inflatable snake scarecrow serves as a gardener scaring device, too! When they see the lifelike diamondback snake design, birds, rabbits and other pests will not linger in your garden.


7) Floating Gator Scarecrow

Alligators are a natural enemy of water-loving birds, so correct usage offloating alligator head scarecrows will protect your fish from thieving birds, cats, and other predators.


8) Natural Enemy Scarecrow Statuette

With its hand-painted realistic design, ourGreat Horned Owl scarecrow  is an innovative and effective deterrent device. A dependable chemical-free option that safely deters birds and unwanted pests from your garden, this scarecrow is made to last. 


9) Rotating-Head Owl Scarecrow

Keep driving rodents, pests, and birds away from your garden withDalen Natural's patentedrotating-head decoy owl. The only better way to keep the pests away is with a real great horned owl! 

Try a life life rotating-head owl device to scare pests from your garden.

Use Holographic Garden Protective Measures

Keep the feathered pests away from the fruits of your labor with holographic scaring measures. Birds do not like the glittering, full spectrum light reflection that shines from holographic tape or other reflective surfaces. Use this to your advantage by outfitting your garden with plenty of reflective and holographic scare tactics. 


10) Hang CDs in Your Garden

Put some of your outdated tech to use in your garden by hanging old CDs nearby. The sun’s reflection on the CDs will catch the birds’ eyes and startle them. When the CDs sway in the wind, the effect will change, keeping the birds at bay.


11) Guard’n Eyes Scare Balloons

Birds can be startled off with slight movements in your garden, as well as by products that resemble predatory features, likeGuard’n Eyes scare balloons. This balloon mimics the large staring eyes of a predator while also displaying warning colors for additional effectiveness.  


12) Holographic Garden Tape

Another way to deter birds from snacking on your garden crops is to useholographic tape. Itreflects full spectrum and Ultraviolet light, which works to scare birds and pests. Cut the holographic tape into ribbons, tie it on your tomato cages, or run it along your garden beds for best results. 


DIY Solutions to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

Do-it-yourself solutions are a great place to start in your battle against the bugs. With items you likely already have on hand, you can get a jumpstart on your garden pest prevention!

Make your own scarecrow to deter garden pests.

13) Make Your Own Scarecrow

It’s an age-old solution: the scarecrow. With some old clothes, a bit of creativity, and a couple of hours of your time, you can make a scarecrow that will serve as your garden guardian. For some helpful guidance, see our recent article:How to Make a Scarecrow


14) Repurposed Pie Pans

Another DIY option that implements the same principles as our holographic products is aluminum pie pans hanging in your garden. They are lightweight enough to be hung from fishing lines, and glittery enough to catch birds’ eyes. It’s a great, affordable solution. 


15) Natural sprays

If you’ve been gardening for more than a week or two, you’ve surely been recommended a fool-proof natural concoction or spray by the more seasoned gardeners in your life. Using safe, natural ingredients like cayenne pepper and garlic is a good way to deter pests without using chemicals, and a simple way to remove aphids from your plants is to spray them with diluted, fragrance free dish soap. 

With these 15 ways to keep pests away, you’re more prepared to fight against the pests in the upcoming gardening season. For more information and useful garden products, check outwww.dalenproducts.com