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Natural Enemy Scarecrow® Inflatable Diamondback Snake

Effectively repel birds and help reducing fruit tree and vegetable crop losses.

Product Benefits:




Some amazing features of this Natural Enemy Scarecrow®:

  •  by up to 50%;
  •  with its realistic design;
  • Can be used on decks, window ledges, barns, boathouses, docks, etc.;
  • Size: 6' long.

Get a Trio of our Inflatables, add the Inflatable Owl and Guard'n Eyes. All three for just $25!

Please note:

Natural Enemy Scarecrows work through biomimicry, and a motionless animal isn't lifelike. If you set up a snake and leave it in place for the whole season, pests can easily adapt to its presence. We recommend using our Natural Enemy Scarecrows as needed, and keeping them indoors when out of use. 

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