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Netting and Fencing

Protective guards for your garden.

How long will Dalen's netting last?

Bird-X® and Deer-X® should last more than one season, but will depend on the amount of direct sun and other harsh conditions. It’s best to remove and store the netting away from the sunlight once protection is no longer needed.

How do I install Bird-X® netting?

For fruit trees, drape Bird-X® netting over the tree by using a pole to lift the net over the top of the tree. Then gather the netting around the trunk and tie with rope or twist ties.

For shrubs and bushes, the net is wrapped around and tied in place. For strawberry rows and patches, cover plants completely. It is desirable to have enough lifting support so that birds can't peck through the net.

This is easily accomplished by driving wooden stakes or metal poles in the corners to keep the netting above the plants. Garden Staples or plastic ties can help hold the edges in place.

What should I do if a bird gets caught in the netting?

This rarely happens, although it may be possible for a small bird to get caught in the netting.

If you find a bird in the net, it should be easy to get it untangled by carefully working it loose or by cutting a strand or two of the net.

What is the best method of using Deer-X® netting to protect my shrubs and trees?How can a light net like Deer-X® deter such a large animal?

The same way that delicate spider webs deter large human beings.

How can Plastic Fencing be used?

Plastic Fencing is an inexpensive way to define an enclosed space. It can discourage a variety of animals including deer, but many animals can chew through it if they have a compelling desire to reach the other side.

How is Plastic Fencing held up?

It can be stretched and stapled to posts or hung from a wire. The bottom edge can be buried in a trench to prevent animals from crawling under it.

How long can Plastic Fencing be used?

The silver fencing should last up to two years in the sun. Bright southern sun, high in UV, will break it down faster.

Will plastic fencing or netting keep rabbits out of my garden?

Rabbits are very persistent and can chew through plastic fencing. Use metal mesh fencing for protection from rabbits.

What's the difference between Bird-X, Deer-X, and Pond & Pool Netting?

The mesh size for Pond and Pool is 3/8" versus 5/8" for bird netting and 3/4" for deer netting.

The smaller mesh of Pond and Pool Netting provides better protection for the pond and pool by keeping leaves and debris out.