Introducing our premium collection of garden products proudly made in the USA, designed to enhance your gardening experience while supporting local employment. Crafted with care and precision, our range of garden products combines high-quality materials with innovative designs to help you create the garden of your dreams.

Dalen Products is located in Knoxville, Tennessee — right here in the USA — and we are proud
to offer a few select products made here at home in the Volunteer State.

About Dalen Gardening Products

Embrace the beauty of American craftsmanship with our range of garden products made in the USA. By choosing our products, you enhance your gardening experience and contribute to the growth of American industries. Experience the difference in quality, durability, and innovation with our proud collection of garden essentials.


Our innovative Bird-X products provide effective solutions for bird control, ensuring your garden remains unharmed while maintaining a harmonious environment. Our high-quality garden protection netting provides an effective barrier against pests and birds, ensuring your harvest is safe and abundant


Keep deer and other wildlife at bay with Deer-X. Crafted with expertise and care, our USA-manufactured deer deterrents offer effective protection for your garden, allowing your plants to thrive undisturbed. Stop deer from jumping over your fence and trespassing onto your property with our extra-tall protective netting.

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Shop Harvest Guard

Protect your plants from harsh weather conditions with our reliable garden covers, designed to shield delicate foliage and blooms while maintaining optimal airflow. Protects your beloved plants and bushes from whatever mother nature sends your way at any time of the year — from frosts and snowstorms to hail, torrential downpours, and gusty winds.

Shop Weed Control

Our USA-made landscaping fabric offers superior weed control and moisture retention, allowing you to maintain a pristine garden with less effort. Use our durable garden paper to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and create a healthy growing environment for your plants.

Shop Red Light

Use red light to boost fruiting and flowering and ripen your tomatoes more than ever before!

Insulated Plant Protectors
Plant and Tree Guard Protection
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fake owl scarecrow with spinning head

Why Garden Products Made in the USA?

Most of our gardening products are American-made. When choosing to purchase a USA-made gardening product, you are directly supporting American jobs while contributing to America’s growing economy. We are proud to position the United States as a leading manufacturer on the global stage, as competition with overseas imports is on the rise. Contact us for more information or explore our selection of gardening supplies below. They are manufactured in the USA according to high standards of quality control and attention to detail.

Garden Products FAQs

Not all of our catalog is made in the USA. However, about 75% of our line of gardening products is manufactured right here at home.

Most of our American-made gardening products are 100% made in the USA, even if pieces and parts have to travel across state lines for final assembly.

In some rare cases, we source tiny parts from overseas to put the final touches on a gardening product assembly. We will not claim “Made in the USA” for any product that is not over 98% authentically American-sourced and produced. Beware of other sellers on the American market who are claiming “Made in America” on products that are produced in foreign factories. We believe that to claim “American-made” on products that are not, in fact, produced in the United States is dishonest and unethical.

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