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The red mulch film was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and has been extensively tested to show on average a 20% increase in fruit yield. It does this by reflecting a certain frequency of light up into the plant which responds favorably to this particular light.

All tomatoes need constant moisture, and the ground mulching effect of the film (i.e., covering the dirt) holds the moisture in, reduces water runoff, and discourages weeds.

In addition, Better Reds warms the soil to stimulate early plant growth and continues to improve yield at the end of the season by keeping soil warm on cooler nights.

Season Starter can do a remarkable thing! Surrounding a tender plant early in the season with 18 tubes holding 3 gallons of water assures that the plant will be protected from freezing until all 3 gallons of water have frozen solid.

This means that a tender plant can be put out up to 1 month early. In the north in particular, it can mean much more production during the season.

Tomato Tray has four cone-shaped areas which penetrate the soil surrounding the plant to bring water and fertilizer directly to the root system. It also prevents cutworm, warms the soil, and prevents weeds.

The center hole aligns the tomato plant for uniform, straight growth. In addition, the Tomato Tray can be used under the Tomato Tower® or tomato cages. It can also be used to mark the same distance between plants.

If it is stored indoors, out of the sun, at the end of the season, it can easily last 3 to 4 seasons (with care, many more).

If you pre-form holes in the soil for the feeding tubes, the tray has little stress during installation and so has little cause for breaking, even after the sun has caused some brittleness.

It is, of course, best to install the tray when the plant is small, but it can also be installed around a larger plant with ease.

The tray is designed with a split so it can fit easily around the plant stem. Simply spread apart enough to fit around the base of the plant.

Dalen’s Trellis Netting is made of high-quality nylon and will maintain 60% of its original strength after 20 years in the sun.

Trellis Netting can be used in a variety of ways to cause plants to grow vertically so that they take up less space and the fruit is kept off the ground to prevent rodent and moisture damage.

Peas, beans (climbing varieties), and okra are commonly grown on trellises, but tomatoes and all other vining plants benefit greatly from vertical growing.

Often it is held up by two or more stakes with a wire or pole supporting the top. Of course, the wire or pole can be supported by an existing structure such as a building, tree or pole.

Typically the bottom is 1 to 2 ft. off the ground, which allows the top to be 6 to 7 ft. high. It is surprising how easy it is to get any vining plant to bridge even a 2 ft. span.