Learn about Frost Protection and Seed Germination Covers

How to keep your garden protected from the elements during Winter and Spring.

Select a question below to reveal Dalen's tips and tricks for best using seed germination covers in your garden, and other ways to protect your garden from frost.

Harvest Guard is a floating row cover which is placed over plants, without support, in the early spring. It is light enough to be supported by almost any young, tender plant.

Harvest Guard creates a semi-greenhouse environment, raising the air temperature approximately 10-15 degrees underneath it. This makes it ideal for starting plants early in the spring. Especially in areas that have a short summer, the effect of using the fabric can more than double the harvest of some vegetables. Tomatoes, for instance, will not grow at all until the temperature rises above 65 degrees.

Harvest Guard will get the plants to that temperature several weeks before the outside temperature gets that high.

Harvest Guard can also protect against light frosts. Harvest Guard also is an effective screen for insects and can potentially keep the plants insect-free in the vulnerable early stages of development.

Anchor Harvest Guard in place with garden staples, which are inexpensive and very easy to use.

It is desirable to double the thickness of the fabric by folding over where the staple is inserted. Put a staple in every 3 to 5 feet.

Yes, doubling, even tripling the fabric will hold more heat in and give more protection especially when frosting occurs.

The multiple layers help hold the heat in and deflect the cooling, drying winds for significant protection. However, on particularly cold nights, or when the cold lingers as when a cold front comes through, Harvest Guard will not be able to protect the plant without extra heat being added, or insulation applied, such as a blanket.

Harvest Guard can stay on all winter as long as the temperature does not go above 60 degrees.

Harvest Guard can be washed with a mild soap like Dawn. But do not put your Harvest Guard in the dryer, or it will melt! Please dry on a clothes line.