Best Mother's Day Gardening Gifts for Plant Moms

Best Mother's Day Gardening Gifts for Plant Moms

We've a curated selection of Gardening Products as a Mother's Day Gift Guide for your favorite Plant Mommy. We know it can be overwhelming to shop for mom’s garden, so we've narrowed down the choices to a select few giftable tools every gardening mom will love! 


Mother's Day Outdoor Planter Ideas 

Outdoor planters will get her off to good start, whether your Plant Mom is a beginner or already a seasoned green-thumb. All gardens need a great foundation to grow in, so it makes all the sense in the world to start with a great outdoor planter.

1. A customizable, Square-Foot Raised Bed Garden Idea

The modular Raised Bed Garden is perfect if you want an easy, customizable garden footprint. The hardest part will be planning out exactly what shape you want to create. 16 panels, for example, can be configured into multiple raised beds or into one large raised bed. Do you want a square raised bed, an “L” shape, or straight rows?  The possibilities are endless, and you add more panels to expand your raised bed. Click here to shop the Modular Raised Bed Garden

2. Felt Planter Bags

fabric pot for lateral root branching

Even easier are individual grow bags. Outdoor planter bags are raised bed gardening shrunk down to individual containers for each plant. This is a great choice for mothers who want to start small, or add-on to an existing garden to spring up a notch. The fabric containers will naturally air-prune the roots to promote a robust root-system. Click here to shop Felt Planter Bag

Growing Gifts for Gardening moms

Once you’ve got the best place to grow a garden, all it takes is a little support to make mom happy! 

3. Vertical Trellis Kit

owl guarding the vertical trellis net garden
Garden Trellises are a perfect gift idea for gardening mothers who want to grow more.The vertical trellis kit is all you need to elevate your garden. The kit includes supporting posts and a netting that fits it perfectly. This trellis kit can be used directly on the ground, in raised bed gardens, and even over individual outdoor planter bags. Click here to shop Vertical Trellis Kit 

4. Baby Owl

fake baby owl garden decor

The Baby Owl will Spice up your herb garden and give your plant companions they will love. We can’t think of a better gift idea for garden moms than the baby owl. Growing the family is in her nature! Click here to shop Baby Owl

Cool Gifts for Mom’s Garden to protect against Last Frosts

Springtime gardening can be a challenge with such volatile weather! Winter temperatures can linger longer than any of us would like, and an unsuspecting frost can cause big setbacks in the growing season. Waiting to plant until after mother’s day makes sense for some people, but you need to check your location’s last frost date to know for sure. Fortunately we don’t all need to wait for the frosts to subside when there are tools we can use to protect plants from late frosts! If you want to get an early start, just be sure to protect mom’s garden from freezing with this cool gift:

5. Pop-up Greenhouse

portable gardening greenhouse grow tent
The Pop-up Greenhouse creates a warm environment for plants to stay nice and cozy. Growing in a greenhouse has never been easier – pop-it open, and you’re ready to grow. All you’ll need to do is insert the two supporting posts so it will stand tall. One side zips wide open for easy access, while the other side has an adjustable flap so you can dump heat on hotter days. The tent folds down to make storage easy in the off-season, so you can re-use it year-over-year. A garden gift that keeps giving! Click here to shop Pop-up Greenhouse

We hope this list of gardening products has made it easier to shop for Mother's day. We think all gardening moms would love any of these gift ideas!