The Great Horned Owl Story

Each Great Horned Owl™ is hand-painted by American workers. If you use the Great Horned Owl™ in your garden, we’d love to hear from you on how it worked or send us a picture from the form at the bottom of this page!

Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

Bridge Nursing Home, Rockwood, TN

Bridge Nursing Home, Rockwood, TN

Dalen Great Horned OwlDalen’s Great Horned Owls™ have been used every where from your neighbor’s garden to boat docks to transmission lines to your local airport. Sculpted originally by an artist, the Great Horned Owl™ is surprisingly life-like in its predatory features. Often referred to as “the tiger of the sky” because of its fierce nature and ability to capture a wide variety of prey even including skunks! Fiercely protective parents, owls have even been known to attack humans who get too close to their little owls. At night, they strike from above and can kill and carry animals several times larger than themselves ( a typical Great Horned Owl weighs between 2 and 5 pounds).

Also called Big Hoot Owl, Cat Owl and King Owl, The Great Horned OwlTM can be used to scare off birds and other small predators in all kinds of situations. Letters have been received from happy customers who report that the Dalen Great Horned Owl™ scared away birds pecking at their windows, birds nesting in inconvenient locations around their homes, and birds pooping on their clean boats. Since the Great Horned Owl™ is one of nature’s most feared predators, we’ve also received mail from customers who are delighted that their owl’s presence near the cherries, blueberries and other fruit they are growing for their table seems to scare away trouble and prevent damage to their crops.

In the last fifteen years, Dalen has re-engineered the Great Horned Owl™ several times to make it even more realistic and more helpful. Rotating-head Owl™ turn in the gentle breezes to startle away predators. Sol-R Action Owl™ use stored sunlight to keep the owl’s head in motion even without wind for a sufficiently realistic predatory pose. Dalen Great Horned Owls™ are available in your local home and garden center as well as in several catalogs.

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