Our Brands

For more than 40 years, Dalen Products, Inc. has provided gardeners with innovative solutions to better enjoy their yard and garden experience. And, we’re pleased to offer a number of items under different brands to meet the specific needs of today’s gardener. Our various stand alone brands, as well as our Dalen® line, are distributed nationally and offer the ultimate in value in landscape fabric and accessories, while our Gardeneer by Dalen® product line affords a wide range of specialized products from the most novice to the most sophisticated of gardeners.

No matter the brand, Dalen is proud to support each of our products with uncompromised standards of quality and performance — and backs our full line with a range of satisfaction guarantees. See individual items for detail.

Weed-X® and ProWeed-X®: Our most premium brands of landscape fabric provide your landscape applications with the ultimate in weed control — prohibiting top-down weed root penetration and bottom up growth prevention. And, because we’re so confident in their performance, each is backed with a weed-free money-back performance guarantee (20 and 30 year, respectively). Available in the US and Canada at Walmart®. To find ProWeed-X® in your area, e-mail us.

Weed-Proof®: Providing you with 10 years of guaranteed weed control, this landscape fabric includes a 1ft E-Z Grid for easier plant spacing. Weed-Proof® is available in the US and Canada at Walmart®.

Pro-Shield®: When it comes to commercial-grade landscape fabric and the ultimate in value, we’ve got you covered. Pro-Shield® is specially designed to offer you maximum strength for soil stabilization, erosion control and drainage applications – and provides basic, bottom-up weed growth prevention. Available in the US and Canada at Costco®.

Gardeneer by Dalen®: See our online Products catalog for more detailed information regarding our specialized line of products manufactured under the Gardeneer by Dalen® brand.